Event Name Locations Participants
All Day
ECC Fireplace Room-District Conscious Discipline Training ECC Fireplace Room LPS Employees
12:00 am
6:00 am
6:30 am  
6:45 am
LNHS Room 707-Liberty School District Foundation (LSDF) Board Meeting LNHS Room 707 Liberty Foundation
7:00 am
LNMBB - Fall Workouts LNHS Fieldhouse (GH HVAC)
LNHS Aux Gym - 407 (GH HVAC)
LNHS JV/Varsity Boys Basketball
LNHS Freshman Boys Basketball
LNHS Sophomore Boys Basketball
LN V-FB Meetings LNHS Room 417 - The Eagle Room
LNHS Room 428-Weight Room
LNHS Varsity Football
7:30 am  
7:50 am
LN GSA Meeting LNHS Room 707 LNHS Gay Straight Alliance
8:00 am
2:00 pm
2:30 pm
8th Football Battle for the Paddle DMS Football Field SVMS Staff
DMS Staff
LNHS 8th Grade Football
LHS 8th Grade Football
3:00 pm
LNHS Softball Practice LNHS JV Field
LNHS Softball Field
LNHS JV/Varsity Softball
LNHS Volleyball Practice LNHS Fieldhouse (GH HVAC)
LNHS Fieldhouse Mezzanine
LNHS Aux Gym - 407 (GH HVAC)
LNHS Freshman Volleyball
LNHS JV/Varsity Volleyball
3:30 pm
LN 8 VB Practice SVMS Gym LNHS 8th Grade Volleyball
South Valley Middle School
Heritage Middle School
LN CC Practice LNHS Track
LNHS Room 415
LNHS Cross Country
LNHS Band Lessons LNHS Room 616 Band LNHS Band
LNHS Girls Basketball Preseason Workouts HMS North Gym
HMS South Gym
LNHS Freshman Girls Basketball
LNHS JV/Varsity Girls Basketball
LNHS Musical Rehearsal LNHS Performing Arts Theater (GH HVAC) LNHS Theater
LN Men's Swimming and Diving Practice Liberty Community Center LNHS Boys Swim & Dive
LN Musical LNHS Black Box Theater LNHS Theater
LN Rugby Practice WHE Soccer Field LNHS Rugby
LNHS Rugby Club
LN V-FB Practice LNHS FB Practice Field - East
LNHS FB Practice Field - West
LNHS Football Field
LNHS Varsity Football
Robotics Meeting LHS Room 30
LHS Room 32
LHS Robotics
LNHS Robotics
3:45 pm
LN Golden Girls Practice LNHS Room 612 Orchestra LNHS Dance Team
Liberty North High School
4:00 pm  
4:30 pm
LNHS Cheer Practice LNHS Aux Gym - 407 (GH HVAC) LNHS Cheerleading
5:00 pm
LN 8 Football @ Liberty SVMS Athletic Field Heritage Middle School
South Valley Middle School
LNHS 8th Grade Football
LN MSoc JV/V vs Oak Paark LMS Soccer Complex LNHS Varsity Boys Soccer
LNHS JV/Varsity Boys Soccer
LNHS JV Boys Soccer
5:30 pm
LN VB C at SJCentral St. Joe Central High LNHS Freshman Volleyball
LN VB JV/V at SJCentral St. Joe Central High LNHS JV/Varsity Volleyball
Liberty North High School Women's Tennis Banquet LNHS Cafeteria (GH HVAC) Liberty North High School
LNHS Girls Tennis
6:00 pm
LNHS Youth Development Soccer LNHS Gold Room
LNHS Fieldhouse (GH HVAC)
LNHS JV Girls Soccer
LN Youth Football HMS Turf Field LNHS Coaching Staff
LN Youth Soccer LNHS Soccer Practice Field - Lower LNHS Coaching Staff
6:30 pm
LNHS girls youth soccer development LNHS Aux Gym - 407 (GH HVAC) LNHS JV/Varsity Girls Soccer
7:00 pm
LNHS Pit Orchestra Rehearsal LNHS Room 616 Band LNHS Band
7:30 pm
11:30 pm